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Georgian Oak
Georgian flared stairs
Oak and Tulip Wood
oak_flared_stairs.jpgIt was a pleasure to work with this client and their architect. Their knowledge and attention to detail was impressive. The result of this care is easy to see in the stairs.This stairs is a cut string stairs with an elegant bracket under each step. Each tread has a return nose and Scotia mold.

Starting at the bottom this stairs has a large bull nose step. This allows the Scroll & Wreath to be positioned level with the second step, but it can still sit on the first step.This feature gives the stairs a wonderful flow for the user when coming from the back of the house. The elegant flare of the first flight flows into the half landing. The landing is curved on the handrail side.This curve includes curving the string and features a curved return nose and scotia.The second flight meets the line of the first floor perfectly
and curves through 90 degrees to meet the wall.Again the top step nosing returns around
the curve with a Scotia mold on the underside.The result is that the line of the steps in
consistent from the first step to the point where the first floor and wall meet over the stairwell.
The Elitewood continuous handrail is an important feature of this stairs.
curved_handrail_flynns.jpgAgain starting at the bottom there is a proper Scroll & Wreath, which flows perfectly into the flared handrail, the handrail flows into a pair of wreaths at the half landing and continues to the first floor where it eases into the horizontal landing handrail and ends with an elegant curve taking it to meet the wall.

The turned spindles on the stairs were reproduced from a photo of a stairs the client really liked and compliments the overall elegance of the stairs.The painting of the stairs ties it in perfectly with the floors and panelling.

Glossary of Terms
  • Cut string: - Saw Tooth, Open String.
  • Bull Nose: - Curtail step.
  • Scroll and Wreath: - Volute, Monkeys tail.
  • Spindle: - baluster, balustrade, turning.

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